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Sweet Freedom

Luke Harper, Sin Cara, and The Ascension, four men who broke the glass ceiling in WWE, they were released from their contracts and are actually happy about it. Now if you don’t know by now, these men all wanted to be released from their contracts because they were unhappy with their position in WWE. They all felt they could be doing more, they all felt they deserved better. The fact of the matter is, they did. Now no longer with the company after a ninety day no-compete clause, runs out they can go anywhere they want. Be happy again to be a professional wrestler.

Years ago, every year after Wrestlemania, WWE would release a short list of talent from their contracts because, they’d do it to save money, and make room for new talent. Recent years saw that stop because of the emergence of NXT, and they would just release newer talent who didn’t work out in the first place and keep all the veterans for the proverbial jobber role and nothing else. They would make people run out their contracts, and sit at home, if they are injured that time away would be added on to their contract to make up for the absent time (whether they were being used or not). The past year the reason was because of the re-emergence of actual competition, in this case New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling.

So recently it’s been all of this tug and pull by WWE to keep people from going somewhere else, and prevent them from flourishing somewhere else. People like PAC (Formerly know as Neville in WWE) asked for his release and instead of getting what he wanted for the longest time he walked out and sat at home for over a year. Jon Moxley (Formerly know as Dean Ambrose in WWE) rode out his contract and didn’t sign a new one, the least messy of ways to get out of WWE, he did what he signed up for and left on his own terms. So if WWE is finally giving talent the opportunity to actually not feel like a hostage, and get to work somewhere else (after the no compete clause runs out), why not continue to do so?

Their’s a long list of unhappy talent, and some of them WWE probably won’t give a release to because of their star power, like The Revival who are probably gonna go the same route of Jon Moxley at this rate. People like Primo and Epico who haven’t been on TV in like two years, and are probably chomping at the bit to get out. Also why keep people your not even using, let them actually make the living they wanted to make doing what they love doing. Rumors are running more and more of people being unhappy because of their position in the company.

WWE needs to stop holding down talent for numerous reasons, one, if they don’t want to be there why are you holding them hostage basically? Two, why keep talent around you have zero plans for just to do jobs, when you can use local independent talent for that exact thing. Lastly, your basically over crowding your roster, to hurt other companies, when those other companies should give you all the incentive in the world to put on a good show. Stop looking at it from a glass half empty mentality and look at all of this as a good thing.

Hopefully more people who are unhappy get what they want so they can flourish elsewhere and WWE sees that only good can come from that, for all parties involved. These things don’t have to get ugly by WWE stroking their own ego to make a point, that isn’t how peoples lives and well being should be handled, ever.

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