The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 23: With Andrade gone from WWE, will Charlotte Flair follow him in leaving WWE?!

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

This past week saw Andrade being released from the WWE and it looks like Andrade may be headed to AEW. This is a big acquisition for AEW if it happens with his international reputation as a solid wrestler with a lucha libre background. With that in mind, where does that leave his girlfriend, Charlotte Flair? I believe that it is time for Charlotte to follow Andrade’s lead and ask for her release after her Walking Tall remake movie is done.

Charlotte has done all that she can in her career in the WWE and unfortunately she is being mired in limbo with possibly challenging Asuka for the Raw Womens Championship before she contracted Covid( hope for a speedy recovery for Charlotte). Even if she did not contract Covid, she would have been an afterthought for Wrestlemania. I believe that a fresh start would be beneficial for the Queen.

As a matter of fact, I want to make a bold prediction that Charlotte will get her release form the WWE in July and debut with AEW on labor day week(Sept. 8th) to the delight of the fans. I can imagine that her first rivalry would be with Thunder Rosa, which would be tremendous.

In conclusion, Charlotte should follow the lead of Andrade and leave WWE for AEW. It would be a fresh start for both of them and in return they will be productive and exciting stars for AEW.

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