The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 26: What can AEW do to counter Wrestlemania in order to have success?!

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

With Wrestlemania in two weeks on Peacock, AEW is looking to piggy back on Wrestlemania to have a successful weekend and compete with the WWE. Even though their is no chance that AEW will do anything to bear Wrestlemania, here are a few suggestions for them to have a succesful weekend.

  1. Turn the non-televised event on the Friday before Wrestlemania into a clash of Champions type of event live on TNT- I am sure that TNT would love to have something besides movie reruns to counter Wrestlemania. Therefore, the non-televised event should be a special presentation featuring some huge matches, like a double cage match with Omega- Moxley in one match and Baker-Rosa in the other. Maybe a 10 man tag match with the Pinnacle vs. the Inner Circle.
  2. Have some AEW stars on other television programming- Let us have Moxley on an episode of Snowpiercer or have Dr. Britt Baker hosting the showing of Oceans 8 with her own commentary. This will provide some mainstream exposure of your top AEW stars.
  3. Promote the heck out of the special-Have some AEW stars doing the morning show circuit like Live with Ryan and Kelly, Kelly Osbourne show, etc. The AEW stars would be relatable with the general public and learn more about the stars and AEW.

With these suggestions during Wrestlemania week, AEW will have the opportunity to gain more viewers from the WWE , as well as the non-wrestling fan. Hopefully, they can take advantage of this golden opportunity.

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