The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 29: Impressions of Night 1 of Wrestlemania!

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

As we near the end of the Real Road to Wrestlemania, it is time to make some observations and predictions for Wrestlemania. Let us start at Night 1:

Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro: This match will be an opportunity for Cesaro to move to the next level against a former WWE Champion in Rollins. Seth will definitely bring out the best in Cesaro and it will also benefit Seth as he will get more attention since his return on Smackdown.

Prediction: Cesaro beat Seth Rollins

Bad Bunny vs. The Miz: No comment

Prediction: Who cares? Bad Bunny is not a wrestler.

Raw Tag Team Titles: New Day vs. AJ Styles/Omos- The key is how Omos wrestles and how he is presented in his first match. If done correctly, he could be the next version of the Big Show. His teaming with Styles is beneficial as Omos will learn from Styles. However, the New Day are on a roll after regaining the Raw tag titles and would not make sense for them to lose it to a makeshift team.

Prediction: New Day beat AJ Styles/Omos

WWE World title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre- This will be a solid co main event as both men are at the top of their game. Lashley looks to be an unstoppable champion, while Drew is hungry to regain the title and gain revenge. It should be a solid match of the year candidate.

Prediction: Bobby Lashley beat Drew McIntyre

Main Event of Night 1- WWE Smackdown Womens Title Match: Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair: This will be your main event of Night 1 and it is a case of the experienced veteran in Sasha and the red hot rookie Bianca. Sasha can make any woman in the ring with her look good, but I think that Bianca is going to surprise everyone with her effort against the champ and I am smelling a major upset.

Prediction: Bianca Belair beat Sasha Banks to become new champion.

Next : The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 30: The last stop in the Road as I make observations of Night 2.

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