Sunday Mornings with the Nitro: 4/11/2021

Paul” The Nitro” Skivers

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. This weekly column will deliver my no holds barred opinion on the major news items of Pro Wrestling. So, get that fresh cup of coffee and get ready. If you like to leave a question or comment, do so on the comments section below this column or at my twitter account (@paulskivers) So, let us begin!

Wrestlemania Night 1 was last night and it was historic to say the least. A rain delay forcing the first match to take place at 8:30 was something unexpected. Imagine if you were there at the event and you had to wait until the rain stopped. I hope that the WWE will look at the weather forecast next time before doing an outdoor Wrestlemania in the near future.

Bobby Lashley has become a bonafide superstar after beating Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania Night 1. Drew gave it his best effort, but a lack of focus for one second cost him the win and Bobby showed maturity ad experience by taking advantage of it. The hurt lock has become the most feared hold in pro wrestling and opponents will fear and respect the move even more from here on in. Also, MVP became a premiere manager last night with his strategy and key moment of distraction without even getting on the apron. This is a sign of a true master of his craft in action as MVP will continue on in his role as the manager of the all mighty era. As far as Drew goes, where he goes from here is in the air right now. I am sure that he will get his rematches for the title, but it will be interesting to see what he does with the loss.

Congrats to Bianca Belair on winning the Smackdown Womens Title from Sasha Banks last night as their match is a definite match of the year candidate. Also, give it up for Sasha as she delivered big time in defending the title as the heel in the match. Sasha can now be in the talks of hall of fame status after last night. As for Bianca, she will usher in a new exciting era of her reign as champion with her unique look and tremendous athletic ability. Both women have my respect.

I will admit that I am wrong about Bad Bunny after his effort last night in the tag match against Miz and Morrison and made every one look great. It was apparent that Bunny put in the hard work and effort to put in a good match and should be proud of his effort. As far as his future goes, it is up to him if he wants to continue this pursuit or go back to music. By the way, Damian Priest did himself no favors by being less involved in the match. He looked more like a cheerleader than a participant for most of the match and put in the effort in the end. Hopefully, Damian learns from this match and improves for his sake. Finally, the Miz and Morrison did a solid job as heels in the match.

In closing on this topic, Wrestlemania Night 1 was a solid effort by everyone. By the way, the Riott Squad did a good job in the gauntlet match even though they lost in the end to Tamina and Natalya. They also deserve to be considered to be MVP’s for the event as well. In the end, Night 2 will have to do a lot to top Night 1 and it will be interesting to see what will happen tonight.

Finally, what happen to AEW during Wrestlemania week and why did they miss the boat in not taking advantage of getting more attention during Wrestlemania week. Their non-televised house show on Friday did nothing to draw any interest and bringing in Mike Tyson on Dynamite this past Wednesday did not hit the mark with fans. This is a costly mistake that AEW will have to live with for the remainder of 2021 and even until next year’s Wrestlemania.

That is it for this week’s Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. Have a great week and I will see you next Sunday Morning.

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