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Sunday Mornings with the Nitro: 5/29/2022

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. Thank you for joining us and before we begin, we want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend as we honor the armed forces who fight to preserve our freedom for this country, and we thank them for their service.

This week, I want to focus on the fact that the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event that takes place on July 2nd has been moved to the MGM Grand Garden Arena from Allegiant Stadium due to poor ticket sales. With that in mind, this is a myriad of problems that the WWE needs to seriously pay attention to and deal with it now before it gets worse. These problems are as followed:

  1. Sasha Banks/Naomi walking out on the WWE- This is no doubt proof that the locker room morale is low at this point and adding on the releases each year by the WWE leads to uncertain futures for the stars on the roster. Another factor is that their are not really producing any new talent to be pushed to the main roster at a solid rate leads me to believe that “Creative” does not know how to make a star these days.
  2. “Creative”- Most of the problems with the WWE lies on the creative team and there lack of how to produce solid angles and making stars. Instead, we have botched pushes and false starts along with angles that make no sense which causes the fans to look elsewhere to enjoy the sport.
  3. Celebrity Involvement- It is kind of a toss-up as to whether they work on for the betterment of the company’s bottom line. For example, Bad Bunny did a good job at WrestleMania last year that brought eyes on the WWE in an exciting way. On the other side of the coin, Johnny Knoxville made an embarassing effort that ridiculed and insulted the Pro Wrestling community in the worst match of all time in my opinion against Sami Zayn. The WWE must have a solid plan if they want to bring celebrities in the ring.
  4. Is the WWE for sale?- Even though it has died down, the looming cloud of a possible sale of the WWE with Nick Khan taking over some of Stephanie McMahon’s duties as Branding Officer still leads some people in the wrestling world still wondering if the WWE will be put for sale in the near future. If this continues to loom around and gain strength, then the uncertainty will creep in again to the locker room and get everyone to worry about there futures.

The WWE must address these issues, or it will cause more problems for their bottom line in the future. Hopefully, they have started that process immediately. With that in mind, we will end this edition of Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. Until next Sunday Morning, have a great week everyone.


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