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Sunday Mornings with the Nitro: 7/10/2022

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. I thought that today, I want to do a surprise topic for everyone, and this will focus on the one main problem with the wrestling business and that is predictability. Predictability is defined as the ability to be predicted. With that in mind, the wrestling business is gaining the ability to be predicted and that is bad for the bottom line and here are several reasons why:

  1. The fans are predicting what is going to happen next in angles and storylines and criticizing it from the moment it occurs. After it occurs, the fans lose interest in the angle and thus not tuning in every week. The fault lies with the creative department in the organization. A prime example of this would be the WWE “Creative” Department. In just about every angle they portray on television, the fans have already figured out what is going to happen next and thus boo the living crap out of it.
  2. The unlimited access to behind the scenes information online from the news source and talk shows have taken the kayfabe out of the sport and makes the fans not suspend disbelief, which is the main purpose of why fans come out to the matches. However, the fans today have the inside word on what is going to happen next and that makes the fans make a choice of either watching it or turning the channel. The fans should not have to make that choice at all.
  3. the promotions are giving away too much of a heads up as to who will be at the event in the main event at the next pay-per-view. If I was running the publicity department, I would just do an artistic design of the pay-per-view and use that to promote the event. By showing them the main event before it is announced, this will give the fans that choice of ordering the event or not instead of getting the event out of curiosity as to what may be on the card itself, this the suspension of disbelief.

I hope that this predictability comes to an end soon as this is ruining the fans interest in watching the sport of pro wrestling itself. With that in mind, that will do it for this edition of Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. Have a great week and see you next Sunday Morning.


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