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Sunday Mornings with the Nitro: 8/14/2022

Paul” The Nitro” Skivers

Good morning and welcome to this edition of Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. Thank you for joining us. With the return of CM Punk in AEW after his foot injury, it is now imminent that the unification match between Punk vs. Moxley, which could be held at All Out. With that in mind, I want to look at the ramifications that could result from the match and it is just more than a main event match. Here are some of those ramifications:

  1. AEW needs to have a solid main event and a solid undercard to be competitive with the rise of the new HHH ran WWE, because it seems that AEW has stalled in coming with any counter moves to overcome the surprises that the WWE has brought in the last couple of weeks. A good example of this would be the success of Summerslam and how AEW had lack some initiative in toping the event with Dynamite. AEW gave us the same formulas that had no steam or sizzle for fans to talk about the next day. This is a major factor in trying to still remain the top promotion.
  2. CM Punk needs to prove that he is the true AEW World Champion and have what it takes to have one more sustained run. The foot injury proved that Punk is at the point that any wrestler will encounter in their career and that is being more prone to significant injuries, like the foot. Especially, when the fans are always questioning anything with their champion and injuries are always included in the conversation. At the end of the day, CM Punk must need a solid victory to say that he is the one to lead AEW as the World Champion.
  3. Jon Moxley is entering a similar situation with the exception that he is battling for respect as champion. We all know that Jon hates the word Interim in his official title as champion. Also, he has the hardcore reputation that still proceeds them and that can turn the fans off to that particular wrestler and television stations that show the program. A win by being the better wrestler against Punk will be a major step in the direction of getting his respect.
  4. WWE will definitely be paying attention as to how this event does as far as the buzz from the fans, because HHH will take advantage of any mistake made by AEW and capitalize on it with a great match or angle. Meanwhile, Tony Khan must be aware of this important factor and put on the best show that AEW can produce and not make any major mistakes that can cost him fans and eventually will become WWE fans.

Hopefully, these factors should be put into the equation as to the importance of the unification match between Moxley vs. Punk and the ramifications that will come from it. With that in mind, that will end this edition of Sunday Mornings with the Nitro. Until next Sunday morning, have a great week everyone.

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