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The Double Title Situation

Hello, graps fans! We’re just a ferw weeks out from the event that will kick off 2020 in style — Wrestle Kingdom 14. This year’s event is a little different than years past. Rather than have one jam-packed, seven-hour show on Jan. 4, this year New Japan has expanded WrestleKingdom to two nights, Jan. 4-5.Continue reading “The Double Title Situation”

Tables, Ladders and Chairs: Oh My!

What’s popping, everybody? It’s Kevin here, alongside a few members of the Daily Chinlock team, Mike @mikejc821, Paul @Paul_Skivers and Bob @wrestlingbob. We’re just a few short days away from TLC 2019, the last pay-per-view of the decade! We’re here to provide our expert predictions as to who’s going to be walking out of theContinue reading “Tables, Ladders and Chairs: Oh My!”

The Power and Importance of Intergender Wrestling

Yes, Triple H, this is aimed at you. In the wake of your recent comments about intergender wrestling, dismissing it as merely “shock value,” you rightfully received a fair amount of heat, and now it’s my turn to keep the fire burning. I’m shocked that these comments would come out of the mouth of aContinue reading “The Power and Importance of Intergender Wrestling”

From WK13 to WK14: Where Are They Now?

Ladies and gentlemen…we are just one month away from the Granddaddy of ‘Em All, the Show of Shows….no, I’m not talking about WrestleMania. You see, over in Japan, every Jan. 4 is a holiday of sorts for the wrestling fan. IT’s the day of New Japan Professional Wrestling’s annual Tokyo Dome show, now known asContinue reading “From WK13 to WK14: Where Are They Now?”

Locked In: Open For Business

Greetings everyone! It’s Kevin here, your friendly neighborhood blogger-man. I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and I’ve come to a conclusion: wrestling blogging is as good as it’s ever been, and yet…it needs MORE. I started the Last Blogger Standing just over a year ago, and have been met with unprecedented success. It may notContinue reading “Locked In: Open For Business”