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Down Under Wonder

The world of blogging is truely wonderful. I feel truely honoured and blessed that the amazing and talented Kevin Carroll has asked me to join him as a member of The Daily Chinlock team.

I plan on bringing eyes to Australian wrestling and giving a different perspective that can’t be seen anywhere else around the world. The talent down under is amazing and deserves more recognition then it receives

The AussieVerse was born from what started as the Australian wrestling revolution also known as Aussielution. It all started many moons ago with a former WWE superstar know as Emma.

When Emma joined the main roster she started her own trend with #EMMAlution and that was the inspiration to create the #AUSSIElution.

Through this journey alongside Kevin and many others, I hope to create something truely wonderful and expand everyone’s knowledge on the Australian Independent Scene.

It’s time to lock and load. The Aussie perspective is here and the revolution has begun. The #AUSSIElution has been REBORN.

– BJ


Locked In: Open For Business

Greetings everyone! It’s Kevin here, your friendly neighborhood blogger-man. I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and I’ve come to a conclusion: wrestling blogging is as good as it’s ever been, and yet…it needs MORE.

I started the Last Blogger Standing just over a year ago, and have been met with unprecedented success. It may not seem like much to you, but doing over 3,300 views in 13 months is a BIG deal to me, especially when you factor in the long stretches of inactivity built in to that 13-month stretch.

So, business has been good for your boy. But it could always be better.

A few months ago, I was at the forefront of a little side project called Brainbusta Original Press.

We had an awesome little stable of the wrestling world’s top bloggers, churning out content and making a big wave in the twitter-sphere. Sadly, that flame burned out rather quickly (you all know that story).

I’ve recently been struck by inspiration, and I want to take the BBR OP idea and revive it, under a new moniker and a new business model.

Hence, The Daily Chinlock has been born!

It’s simple, really: The Daily Chinlock is a writing forum for ALL wrestling fans to submit and post their work. There are so many talented writers out there who don’t have a home for their writing, and that makes me sick to see.

I aim to provide a platform for everyone, whether you’ve been writing for years or have barely picked up a pen in the last several years. Or a keyboard. Do you really pick up a keyboard? I digress.

No one is expected to be knocking out blogs on the daily, no one’s expected to hit a certain quota or a word count, and no one’s expected to stick around if they don’t want to. I want The Daily Chinlock to be a place where people could come and go, contribute as they please, and if they want to make it a regular thing, all power to them!

I also won’t be chasing around the Internet’s finest, let me make that clear right now. I don’t want anyone to take it as a slight or an insult if I haven’t sought them out personally, I much prefer leaving the door open to everyone and seeing who steps into the thunderdome. We’ve already got one blogger on board and I expect a whole host of new and old faces to become Locked In.

As for me, I’ll be running the show as always, and I’m hoping that this new venture awakens something in me, as well. My own blog has been lacking as of late, and I’m hoping that relocating my stuff to The Daily Chinlock will revive my writing spirit and bring me back to the forefront of wrestling blogging.

I’m still sussing out the website, but make no mistake: we are open for business. ALL writing is encouraged, whether it be opinions, news, predictions, spoilers, and anything in between.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon. Lock In!

– Kevin