The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 24: Will Don Callis be the reason for the failure of Kenny Omega if Kenny loses the AEW World Title?

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

The dynamic between AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and his buddy Don Callis is solid. Callis, who knows the politics of pro wrestling and Kenny, who is one of the hottest wrestlers in the world right now as AEW World Champ, is becoming successful and dangerous at the same time. However, all good things come to an end and Kenny will eventually lose the AEW World Title. So, this begs to ask based on the past several weeks, if Kenny does lose the title, will Don Callis be the reason?! Well, that is partially correct as I will explain.

I notice that every time Kenny is in trouble, Don either splits for the locker room or fake any interest to help out. But, when it comes to the good times, Don is always there with a smile on his face soaking in the credit. It can be determined that Don is a man not to be trusted and will leave the scene when it is not beneficial to him.

However, Kenny can also be blamed for his own impending failure due to his inflated ego. He has fallen into the classic trap of the title making him instead of him making the title meaning being the champion has caused a change in the personality of the wrestler in the form of being conceited. It will be interested to see how Kenny will deal with the deflation of his ego and if he can handle it.

In the end, it would be both Kenny and Don’s fault if Kenny loses the AEW World Title. As far as their friendship goes, we will see how much of a sham it was from the start if one of the parties cannot benefit from the other for his own gain.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 23: With Andrade gone from WWE, will Charlotte Flair follow him in leaving WWE?!

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

This past week saw Andrade being released from the WWE and it looks like Andrade may be headed to AEW. This is a big acquisition for AEW if it happens with his international reputation as a solid wrestler with a lucha libre background. With that in mind, where does that leave his girlfriend, Charlotte Flair? I believe that it is time for Charlotte to follow Andrade’s lead and ask for her release after her Walking Tall remake movie is done.

Charlotte has done all that she can in her career in the WWE and unfortunately she is being mired in limbo with possibly challenging Asuka for the Raw Womens Championship before she contracted Covid( hope for a speedy recovery for Charlotte). Even if she did not contract Covid, she would have been an afterthought for Wrestlemania. I believe that a fresh start would be beneficial for the Queen.

As a matter of fact, I want to make a bold prediction that Charlotte will get her release form the WWE in July and debut with AEW on labor day week(Sept. 8th) to the delight of the fans. I can imagine that her first rivalry would be with Thunder Rosa, which would be tremendous.

In conclusion, Charlotte should follow the lead of Andrade and leave WWE for AEW. It would be a fresh start for both of them and in return they will be productive and exciting stars for AEW.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 22: We are leaving the FastLane, but did we get anything as it pertains to Wrestlemania.

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

As we leave WWE Fastlane behind and move on down the road to Wrestlemania, did the wrestling fans get anything out of the pay-per-view? In my opinion, there were several things that were taken away from last night and they are as followed:

  1. Too much predictability in creative- Did we all think that Daniel Bryan was going to win the WWE Universal Title? The WWE Creative are banking on the Edge-Roman Reigns main event to get the 45,000 people in the stadium on both nights. Daniel Bryan was used as a conduit to get the Edge- Reigns angle back into focus and bringing in the spotlight. Finally, as I mentioned in a previous column, Jey Uso is being a sacrificial lamb to Roman’s bidding. Hope Roman’s ego is satisfied for now.
  2. The WWE Womens Tag Division is non-existent: Last night’s title match was only to put in the latest angle for the Belair-Banks Smackdown Womens Title Match at Wrestlemania. Does anyone care that Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler are the tag champs? They are mid to lower card wrestlers that are not really doing anything right now even with Reginald involved as the “love interest” of Nia Jax. No team is challenging for the belts, so it may be time to retire them at this point and call it a failed experiment as it pertains to the Womens Tag Titles.
  3. A boring card all around- This was a complete waste of time and WWE should have had these matches on Raw and Smackdown, because that is what it felt like to me.
  4. Andrade leaving WWE was the big story- The only thing the fans are talking about today is Andrade being released by the WWE. This is a good move by Andrade as he now has a fresh start and could be a good addition to AEW.

In my opinion, Fastlane was too slow and predictable for the fans. With Wrestlemania in a few weeks, the WWE better have something better coming for the fans or they will have the proverbial egg on their faces.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 21: Eric Bischoff is in the WWE Hall of Fame?! Isn’t he the one that tried to put the WWE out of business at one time?!

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

Every time that I hear that Eric Bischoff is the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. I mean it is stunning to hear that Eric Bischoff, who was an enemy of the WWE, while he was in WCW, is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. For those that know their history, the question in the title of this piece is appropriate.

Eric’s main goal as WCW President and leader of the NWO during the Monday Night Wars was to drive the WWE out of business in the process of winning the Monday Night Wars. Every week on Nitro, he proclaims that the WWE was doomed and that the NWO was taking over the wrestling world and that was for real. He had the ego and drive to make such an attempt during that time.

However, it did not work out as WWE won the Monday Night Wars and bought WCW in March 2001. Eric would then go to WWE and be the general manager of Raw and did a good job as a heel, but I feel that he resents the fact that the WWE won the Monday Night War and failed in his goal of taking the WWE out of business.

In the end, Eric does belong in the hall of fame based on his accomplishments during his time in WCW and WWE. However, there is still something shocking in the fact that Eric Bischoff is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 20: Has Jey Uso’s career become the sacrifical lamb to Roman’s ego?

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

Jey Uso has had a good career in the WWE. One of the sons of WWE Hall of Fame Rikishi, he and his brother Jimmy were multiple time WWE Tag Team Champions and has some good wins in the singles game like Daniel Bryan for example. But, there is a dilemma here with Jey’s future. The problem is Roman Reigns. Ever since he became the side kick or lackey or whatever you want to call it, his career has been on lockdown and is not going anywhere at this time. This situation begs to question as to whether Jey’s career has become the sacrifical lamb to the ego of Roman Reigns. The answer is Yes and here is why:

Firstly, every time Roman feels disrespected, he always calls on Jey to do his dirty work so that Roman can come in at the opportune time to take out his enemy. In essence, Roman’s ego is safe and Jey is left licking his wounds that Roman has inflicted by doing his dirty work.

Next, Jey is given false hope by giving him the title Main Event Uso, when he is not even in a match that is deserving of a main event. For example, when he faced Edge for the opportunity to be the guest enforcer for Roman’s title defense against Daniel Bryan. Once again, Jey takes a back seat to not only the return of Edge in action, but to not fail the ego of Roman so that Roman can have it easier time with Daniel Bryan.

Finally, Roman likes to keep his ranks close and never allows any independent thought or action as evident by the number of times he has disciplined Jey either physically or mentally with his “head of the table” attitude. If things do not go Roman’s way, then Jey will be the first to punish Jey for his failure.

In essence, as long as Jey continues to be Roman’s lackey, then his career will be the sacrifical lamb to Roman’s reign as champion and the “tribal chief”.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 19: The Pinnacle- Has MJF created the first super group of this century?

Paul” The Nitro” Skivers

MJF making a shocking turn on Dynamite two weeks ago by announcing that he had formed his own stable known as the Pinnacle and they proceeded to take out the Inner Circle. Then, this past week MJF stated that this was the most elite group in all of pro wrestling. It is an impressive stable with FTR, Wardlow, Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears. This begs to question as to whether the Pinnacle is the first super group of this century.

First, let us define what a super group is in pro wrestling. This group would consist of the very best wrestlers that are on the main event tier of the roster for any promotion. It is something that make the fans stop and look in awe over the impressive accomplishment and athleticism of each wrestler in the group. With the term being defined, I can safely say that the Pinnacle is not the first super group of this century. As a matter of fact, no group in pro wrestling even comes close in the definition of the super group. Let us look at several examples:

  1. The Pinnacle- Sure, you have the hottest heel at the moment in AEW in MJF leading the group, along with one of the top teams in FTR guided by Tully Blanchard. But, Wardlow has not had enough matches to prove to me that he is a main event wrestler and Shawn Spears has been in mediocrity since he had the feud with Cody Rhodes. So, an answer of no is suffice for this group.
  2. Inner Circle- You have some talented wrestlers with Chris Jericho leading them, but Jericho is the problem. he has basically called it in as far as matches goes and seems to be out of shape and more worried about his theme music being sung by the audience. The lack of leadership makes the answer No for this group.
  3. The Hurt Business- They come close to being in the discussion of the super group, but after Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander lost the Raw tag titles to the New Day, they can not be out of the discussion. Once, they get the belts back and with MVP being the leader of the group and Bobby Lashley as the WWE World Champion, then maybe they can be back in the discussion again.
  4. Contra- A definite No to this group as Jacob Fatu is the only person that stands out as the MUW World champion. The other members are lost in the shuffle and are not being noticed.

In conclusion, the super group has not been born yet for this century, but time will tell when this group will come around and gain everyone’s attention.

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Day 18: Lights Out! Is the Thunder Rosa- Britt Baker DMD feud the new incarnation of the Lita-Trish Stratus feud?

Paul ” the Nitro” Skivers

The feud between Trish Stratus and Lita in the early 2000’s was revolutionary in its on way. Both ladies provided athletic prowless and an excellent mat game to their matches. Also, you must factor in the emotion and great promo work that made the feud electrifying. Hell, they were the main event of Raw at the end of 2003for the WWE Womens Championship and since then, they have become the benchmark for great Womens matches in pro wrestling. However, their is a current feud that has not only met and surpassed that benchmark, but reincarnated the feud itself. The feud that I am talking about is Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Thunder Rosa.

This feud has been action packed and had excellent flow as it told the story of how Baker felt that Thunder Rosa did not even belong in AEW and that the good doctor is the role model for the AEW Womens division. Thunder Rosa felt that the good doctor is nothing more than a bully and just needed to shut her mouth. A simple premise that took this feud to a whole new level. They had very competitive matches against each other and their angle was on fire. Then, this feud had to have a climax and it brought the house down.

They had a lights out, unsanctioned falls count anywhere match. You might think that this would diminish the hard work of these two athletes by having a hardcore type of bout, but it made perfect sense. The premise of AEW wanting nothing to do with the match is perfect as both ladies had nothing to hold them back. By the time the match was over, they both bled and used everything that was not nailed down on each other and still showed the true grit that they possessed. In the end, Thunder Rosa got the official victory, but in my eyes both women won on this night.

In conclusion, the Britt Baker- Thunder Rosa feud is not only the new incarnation of the Trish Stratus- Lita feud, but it is the new benchmark that other women wrestlers need to strive for in order to have that “great match”! I have nothing but totally respect for both Rosa and baker as they did a tremendous job. Bravo!

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 17: Will beating Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania help or hinder the career of Drew McIntyre?

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

The announcement was made on Raw this past Monday that Drew McIntyre will challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. No doubt, this will be the marquee match up for Raw at Wrestlemania and it promises to be a solid battle between the top two stars on Raw. However, this makes me ponder as to the significance of the victory, if achieved, of Drew McIntyre beating Bobby Lashley for the Raw Title. Does this help or hinder his career? Let us look at both sides of this argument.

As far as helping Drew’s career, there is a definite upswing to the stock of the status of Drew McIntyre as the main star of Raw if he beats Bobby. He would be getting his Wrestlemania moment which is what he is striving for in the first place along with regaining the title. Also, another plus for Drew is the fact that he will be the face of Raw permanently which will make him a household name among the many fans and an in increase in merchandise sales.

However, the negative that could hinder Drew’s career is if he wins the title, who is he going to be the next contender? Bobby will only get a handful of rematches before the match goes stale. Sheamus may be an option, but the best friend betrayal has been played to death and will eventually become a boring feud to watch. The Miz?! Please do not get me started on the failed potential of this situation. The bottom line is that Drew will be champion without a kingdom to reign over aka Raw.

In conclusion, the answer is however the fans see it. I am sure that Drew wants to beat Bobby at Wrestlemania for the WWE Title. That is fine and a good goal to achieve. But, there are two sides to the aftermath of a title switch that must always be looked at in a logical type of way.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania Day 16- Lost in the shuffle: These superstars are being totally ignored and both AEW and WWE do not even know it!

Paul” The Nitro” Skivers

On today’s journey, we come upon a term in the business that has been used to describe talent that is hardly being used, but have the skills and athletic ability to go further in their career and that term is “Lost in the Shuffle”. I feel that the following stars fit that term perfectly and if they are not careful they can lose them to another promotion.

  1. Sami Zayn- Sami has the crazy gimmick down well and has the ground game to match it. He does great in promos and moves the angle along well. However, the WWE chooses to put him in the “conspiracy” angle mentioned in a previous column over him losing the IC Title. Who knows how long they are going to keep the “conspiracy” up? However, if they do nothing else with him, then it is time for Sami to leave WWE and join AEW. A fresh start could boost Sami’s career. Imagine- Sami Zayn is All Elite!
  2. Baron Corbin- The WWE has done nothing for Baron in over a year. He is usually the fodder for other stars to move up in the rankings and the king gimmick is out dated and no one is paying attention to it. It seems that the WWE has forgotten about Baron and is now an afterthought. If this keeps up, Baron could out right leave WWE for AEW. AEW would definitely change his gimmick to a more shoot fighting type of style and Baron Corbin is All Elite sounds way better.
  3. Miro- The man formerly known as Rusev has been a lost opportunity in AEW since he debut. He had been merely a side kick for Kip Saban and Penelope Ford, while his wife Lana is getting a push in the womens tag division with Naomi. Maybe, it is time for Miro to rethink his options and head back to the WWE and find his Bulgarian roots as Rusev! He would be an interesting comeback story in the WWE to say the least.
  4. Billie Kay/Peyton Royce- The biggest mistake of this decade is breaking up the Iconics. This team was tremendous on the mic and in the ring. They had the right tools to be mega stars on either brand, but the WWE dropped the ball and split them up. I feel that they need a fresh start in AEW and especially if they teamed up with Dr. Britt Baker DMD and Rebel. Their is a faction that I can get behind in a major way!

In closing, the only advice that I can give these stars and others who are lost in the shuffle is to leave and make a fresh start elsewhere. Other wise, they will be lost in the shuffle permanently.

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The Real Road to Wrestlemania- Day 15: A six woman tag with a failed Idol contestant gimmick to Nia Jax getting cute with Reginald. Are we seeing the end of the Womens division?!

Paul ” The Nitro” Skivers

We begin today’s journey with two scenarios and tell me what is wrong with this picture. The first scenario involves a six woman tag match at AEW Dynamite last Wednesday when Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa and Ryo Mizunami vs. Dr. Britt Baker, Nyla Rose and Maki Itoh. Before the match begins, Itoh decides that it was the right time to put on her failed Idol signing audition that annoyed most of the fans and took away the start of the match and she continues to “perform” for several minutes.

The second scenario involves one half of the WWE Womens Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Reginald. Nia thinking that Reginald(formerly with Carmella) is “cute” goes on a shopping spree. Reginald fashions some suits that Nia loves and fawns over while Shayna is sitting there feeling insulted to even be a pat of this stupid angle.

What is wrong with these two scenarios? These scenarios are two examples of the poor state of Womens wrestling today. The days of the Divas Revolution and the Four Horsewomen are long gone and replaced with pure stupidity that denegrates the women that are competing in pro wrestling today. I can understand that entertainment trumps over actually logic in wrestling these days, but it seems so stupid to put these silly skits today that could potentially kill any credibility earned by the women who competed in the ring for over a decade and may be the end of the Womens division as we know it.

In closing, the silly skits need to stop and let women get back to some solid quality wrestling with logical angles that make sense. Because without these elements, we may see the end of Womens wrestling and that would be a sad day in the world of pro wrestling.

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