Becky Lynch: She is too soft for Shayna Bazler!

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

Over the past two weeks, Shayna Bazler has made it clear; She wants Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania and beat her for the Raw Championship! Shayna has come out as the aggressive one by viciously biting her neck to the point where it bleed profusely and needed stitches and then following it up with a killer promo that stated that “I will beat the S&%#@# out of you!”. And how does Becky respond? Very weakly. So weak to the point that I believe that Becky Lynch is too soft for Shayna Bazler and that is major trouble for the Man!

Instead of coming out in a strong, confident manner that Becky was at the beginning of her historic run, she has become complacent. Her intensity is non existent and her comeback promos against Shayna are so PG friendly that it makes me wonder if she has had too much of the comfy lifestyle as Champion. With her recent series of bouts against Asuka over, Becky decided to declare herself the GOAT! I am afraid that she has a long way to go before she can make such a claim.

With all that was stated above, Becky Lynch will not be ready for Shayna Bazler at Wrestlemania(We already know that Shayna is going to be booked to win the Elimination Chamber match in a few weeks.) and this will have a detrimental effect on her career. I am saying that the era of “The Man” is going to be over if she does not get her act together and become even more vicious and hungrier than Shayna will be at Wrestlemania. However, with the way things are going right now, Becky Lynch is too soft for Shayna Bazler and this will be proven true at Wrestlemania.

MLW: Don't sleep on this organization!

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

With AEW, WWE Raw, Smackdown and NXT dominating most of the wrestling world, their is one organization that you cannot sleep on and forget, As a matter of fact, this organization is in a prime position to take a shot at the big boys of wrestling in the next 5 to 10 years. This organization is Major League Wrestling: MLW!

This organization, which is run by Court Bauer, is an action packed organization with solid stars of tomorrow, excellent angles for the fans to enjoy and a simple television show that provides plenty of action and excitement for the fans. Currrently, MLW can be seen on the BEIN sports network and on their own Youtube channel. However, they have plenty of time to grow into a powerhouse on network television.

As far as the stars that will lead MLW to being a player in the near future, you have Contra with the World Champion Jacob Fatu, who is an incredible athlete for a man of his size(6’3, 350 lbs.). Also, you have Ross and Marshall Von Erich, the sons of Kevin Von Erich, who have a bright future in this sport and are fantastic in the ring a s the MLW Tag Team Champions. Then, you cannot forget the Dynasty: MJF; the best heel of the business; Richard Holiday; the smart ass and stuck up gimmick that puts heat on the group with the fans; Alexander Hammerstone; the muscle and the Open Weight Champion, who has a great future with his strength and mean streak and finally their is Gino Medina; the cocky Latino heartthrob who is a fast up and comer in MLW. How can you go wrong with this talent?

In conclusion, MLW will be a major player in pro wrestling in the next five to ten years. With the great stars, television show and angles, they have unlimited potential and can be the true alternative to WWE and AEW!

Hey Congressman Tim Ryan! Fake You!

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

In a recent tweet, Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio stated the following in a tweet: ” I just walked out of the #State of the Union. I’ve had enough. It’s like watching professional wrestling. It’s all fake.”(Congressman Tim Ryan. Twitter, 2/5/2020) In that statement along, it showed the most ignorant of comments from an outsider who has no clue on Professional Wrestling. Let me smarten him up a bit

First, using the term”Fake” in Professional Wrestling is the carnal sin among the fans. I never used that term nor will I ever use that term. The sport that I am writing about is 100% real, even with all the sports entertainment elements. How can you fake a wrestler getting body slammed or back dropped. If a wrestler gets dropped on his head after a piledriver, do they pop right back up? No! They would be on the ground in pain and agony over the possibility of getting injured.

Secondly, these wrestlers compete more than 300 days a year without an off season. They sacrifice their physical bodies and the families and friends that they love to be a part of this sport. The reason that these wrestlers commit these sacrifices is the love of the sport of professional wrestling in the hopes of becoming a star.

Lastly, their have been times when a wrestler has died in the ring from a match or an incident before or after the match. How can you “fake” a death? You can’t and this Congressman needs to apologize to the wrestling athletes and fans who respect the sport of Pro Wrestling. Besides, the only reason he would say something like that is because he drinks the Kool Aid of Nancy Pelosi and is a Trump Hater! Get over it and do your job that you were elected for.

In conclusion, Pro Wrestling is real and if anyone says is “fake” should be brought to a wrestling school for a day and showed how real Pro Wrestling is and always will be,

It's the Super Bowl and WWE missed the boat!

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

In the world of Pro Wrestling on television, anytime an organization has the opportunity to be the lead in to Super Bowl weekend, you would think that the organization would pull out all the stops and have fresh new creative content and matches that will excite the fans in the hopes of getting recognition for your organization. However, if you are the WWE, that does not seem to be the case.

This past weekend was the Super Bowl in which the Kansas City Chiefs won the title from the San Francisco 49ers and the WWE Smackdown was the lead in show on Friday night on Fox, two days before the Super Bowl would air on the same network. Unfortunately, Smackdown gave us the same lame crap that we have been fed for the past 4 months. For one, the Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns should have been over at the Royal Rumble, but creative decides to have a six man tag match where the losing team has to eat dog food. DOG FOOD! It looks like the WWE has given up on bringing fresh ideas and thought it would be cool to insult the fans intelligence with this stupidity, Well, they were wrong. Also, their were some meaningless matches and promos that just about bore the entire audience. Their was no excitement or any fresh new matches to get any fans excited.

Fortunately, they have one last chance and that is in two weeks with the Great American Race- The Daytona 500. Smackdown will once again be the lead in show for that event. I am begging them to get their act together and come with some new stuff that brings excitement to the fans. If not, then WWE is in serious trouble that could have major ramifications. The ball is in their court now!

10 Storylines of the 2010s WWE Ruined On Their Own Part 3: 2012

Every once in a while we get a match in WWE we never thought we’d ever see, The Rock versus Hulk Hogan was that match in the 00s. In 2011, the night after Wrestlemania 27, The Rock who had just hosted Wrestlemania the night before, as well as cost John Cena the WWE championship, was challenged by John Cena to a match, and The Rock declared the match would happened at Wrestlemania 28 the following year. From there we were off to a year long build to match we never thought we would see ever, it was build as “Once In a Lifetime.” Let me just clarify there will be some story from the latter part of 2011 because that’s when things started to heat up for this feud.

2012 – “Once In a Lifetime”

For most of the year prior John Cena would focus on the WWE Championship, at the October Pay-Per-View, Vengance, John Cena was attacked by The Miz and R-Truth, So John Cena challenged them to a match, and would continue to be attacked The Miz and R-Truth. So John Cena was given the opportunity to choose his partner, and he picked, The Rock. The man who he’s been building a whole year to facing at Wrestlemania. Now of course they won and after the match, the delivered a Rock Bottom to John Cena.

This would be the last time we’d see The Rock until the build to Wrestlemania in March. John Cena however would start a feud with Kane. The whole premise of the feud, which was very dumb in my opinion, Kane didn’t like Cena’s new t-shirt and the slogan that came with it “Rise Above Hate”. Kane believed that Cena needed to “embrace the hate” in order to beat The Rock. Kane would try to get under John Cena’s skin, by attacking his friend Zack Ryder. On numerous occasions leading up to Zack Ryder would get destroyed to the point where he was in a neck brace and a wheelchair in storyline. Zack Ryder lost his US title due to the injuries that he received from Kane. John Laurinaitis then forced him to face Kane while injured in a falls count anywhere and telling Cena if he interfered Ryder would never get a rematch for the US title. Ryder was Chokeslammed off the stage, Tombstoned on the stage at the Royal Rumble, in which Cena and Kane fought to a double count out. Then a couple weeks later Cena saved Ryder’s girlfriend, Eve Torres, which Ryder would witness, and while in a wheelchair, Kane would throw Ryder off the stage. All of this to get Cena to “embrace the hate” and this would culminate in Cena and Kane facing again in an ambulance match that Cena would win.

To me, all of this, was unnecessary. All of this was stupid, all of this didn’t help anyone at all, and it absolutely ruined Zack Ryder. He had made himself with his YouTube show, but all this with Cena and Kane ruined him to the point where he couldn’t be saved. So after all of this, the real build to The Rock versus John Cena began. For the most part, they just threw verbal attacks at each other. John Cena brought back his rap character, The Rock made fun of John Cena’s merchandise and threw most of it in a body of water. A lot of these promos were very good. Then we got to the match. The match itself was very good, however the thing I disliked was the result. The Rock absolutely didn’t need to win this match. That’s what ruined it for me. John Cena was the one sticking around, he was the one who needed the momentum from beating The Rock. The Rock left after Wrestlemania, he wasn’t here after this match. I will never understand why this was booked the way it was and that’s why WWE ruined this. Also let’s not forget where John Cena was after this, feuding with John Laurinaitis, talk about bad. Make sure you keep it here for more as I will continue this series in the coming weeks.

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The Road to Wrestlemania is on, but I have some questions !

Paul” The Nitro” Skivers

The road to Wrestlemania started Sunday with the Royal Rumble and as this journey begins, I have some intriging questions that I must ask all the fans. I do not have the answers to these questions, but it would be interesting to ask these questions and maybe some or all of these questions will be answered by Wrestlemania. Here they are:

  1. Will Drew McIntyre excel in the Main Event spotlight at Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar?
  2. How will the womens division respond since they are not the main event at Wrestlemania this year?
  3. With the choices of Becky Lynch for Raw and Bayley for Smackdown, is Charlotte’s choice going to make any difference at all since the fans have seen these match ups on multiple occasions?
  4. As far as the WWE Hall of Fame goes and with the impeachment trial going on in the Senate, will Donald Trump(who is in the WWE hall of fame) have that distinction taken away from him if he is impeached as President? Remember, they did the same for Hulk Hogan years ago after he made a racial slur on tape.
  5. Will there be any standout stars that will shine in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal this year or should the WWE scrap it all together?
  6. Will Edge vs. Randy Orton be enough of an attraction to garner attention from the fans at Wrestlemania?
  7. Will NXT dominate the Wrestlemania spotlight like they did at Survivor Series?
  8. How will AEW respond on the Road to Wrestlemania? Do they have enough fire power to take away attention form Wrestlemania?
  9. How will other companies, such as MLW, ROH and independent companies fare on Wrestlemania weekend?
  10. Will this class of 2020 for the WWE Hall of Fame be acceptable for the fans? Will their be any snubs that will anger the fans?
  11. Where will the WWE direction, as well as Pro Wrestling’s direction go after Wrestlemaina is over?
  12. Finally, how will this Wrestlemania rank amongst the greatest of all time? Will Tampa Bay be enough of an attractive city for a return of Wrestlemania?

As I mentioned, I cannot answer these questions. These questions will take time and careful analysis as to the direction of the Road to Wrestlemania, but we know one thing. The direction of Pro Wrestling is always determined by the way Wrestlemania ends and that will be intriging indeed.

If you would like to respond to any or all of these questions, please do so at my twitter account at @Paul Skivers or on the Daily Chinlock. Thanks.

An open letter to the Monday Night Messiah

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

I would like to take the opportunity this week to send an open letter to the “Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Monday Night Messiah,

I have been a wrestling fan since November 1985 and this past Monday Night, you said that you had the power in your hands, that you had fate in your hands. Well, if you are that powerful as you say that you are(By the way, your T-Shirt is border lining on being sacreligious in nature.), then I would like to ask just a few things that you said have the power to change and be on the right side of history. These favors are as followed:

  1. Re establish and replenish the Raw Women’s Division. Becky Lynch cannot do this Women’s division justice without having new talent coming in and coming up with better angles than rehashing and recycling the same ideas that make me want to change the channel.
  2. How about establishing a better tag division instead of the same teams that we see every Monday Night and make the tag division mean something besides being a doormat.
  3. Can we have Brock Lesnar become a full time employee and make him more motivated to earn his money by doing his job, instead of half assing it every time he shows up? it gets old after a while.
  4. Finally, can we have an overhaul of the show itself?! The opening theme leading into the show sucks and the theme song is lame and too corporate for my liking. How about enough of the comedy skits and backstage stuff that mean nothing towards the angle or the show all together.

In summary, I hope that these demands can be met and that by making these changes, we will all be on the right side of history. However, if you do not do these demands, then you are proving that you a pretentious jerk with a napoleon complex and your stable is a complete waste of time.

Thank you,

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

Is there a true definition of Pro Wrestling?

Paul “The Nitro” Skivers

Most recently on the Jim Cornette Experience, Jim brought up the most simplest of questions while he was doing his assessment of AEW’s latest episodes of Dynamite and that is “What is Pro Wrestling?” It got me to thinking as to whether or not their is a true defining definition of Pro Wrestling.

First, you would have to consider the basic standard definition of Pro wrestling that everyone knows and it goes as followed:

“Professional wrestling, often shortened to pro wrestling or simply wrestling, is a form of performance art and entertainment that combines athletics with theatrical performance. It takes the form of events, held by touring companies, that mimic a title-match combat sport.” (Wikipedia, Sept.2018).

However, two distinct elements have been introduced over the past 10 years that need to be taken into consideration that could change this very definition of the term and they are:

1. Styles of Wrestling: There are many different styles of wrestling that have been introduced over the past 10 years, such as Lucha Libre(high flying), Strong Style(near or full shoot style grappling and fighting)and different geographical styles, like European and Canadian for example and how they approach executing the holds and maneuvers in the ring.

2. Kayfabe: The standard term that was previously stated was using during the Kayfabe era, but with the business being exposed and more of the behind the scenes dealings are being brought out, this would change the essence of the definition and warrants a further expansion that would include the exposed terms and procedures that make pro wrestling what it is today.

So, What is Pro Wrestling? Is it the basic term that is being described above or does it need to change to reflect the current way that fans view pro wrestling. I do not have an answer, so I ask you the fans that question. What is your definition of Pro Wrestling? Is it the same as stated above or is it different for you. Let me know by either commented here on the Daily Chinlock or on twitter at @paulskivers.

10 Storylines of the 2010s WWE Ruined On Their Own Part 2: 2011

So these days CM Punk is seen as a hero of the wrestling business he can do no wrong and never be wrong. In a sense that is true, for years he’s been the guy who gets a chant regardless of whether he’s on television or not. However before all this, CM Punk was an indie darling who had spent five years trying to get his spot at the top in WWE. At the beginning of 2011 he was the new lead of The Nexus which was just a bad idea. Nobody cared at all. However, within the next couple of months, he would find his niche, he would find what he needed to take it to the next level, so with that said lets talk about the next entry on this list.

2011 – The Summer of Punk

So let’s get right into this one, June 27th, 2011, CM Punk cuts probably the best promo of the decade in WWE. Airing his grievances about WWE because he was working for years to get there, working for years to prove he is the best, and he was tired of the same people getting all the opportunities, and Punk made it clear that his contract was up he was gonna win the WWE Championship and bring it with him, this would be coined The Pipebomb. This promo and the weeks that follow set up one of the best all around matches. From a storytelling standpoint it told the exact story it needed to, as a match it was great. CM Punk won the championship and left with it, doing exactly what he said he’d do. All this was good, it was different it’s what the fans wanted to see. A couple weeks later is where this started going down hill.

So after Punk “walked out” with the title, Vince McMahon refused to acknowledge this fact. He announced an 8-man tournament that was eventually won by Rey Mysterio, only for John Cena to challenge Rey and win the same night. This is exactly what CM Punk was talking about in his pipebomb promo. Right after John Cena won the title again, from Rey Mysterio, CM Punk returned and let me clarify, this was two weeks after he beat Cena at Money in the Bank and walk out. The same night Triple H announced the Board of Directors relieved Vince McMahon of his duties, because of the Punk situation. Mine and a lot of people’s problem with this is they built up this walk out angle so big that Punk leave with the belt etc. they should have done this way differently, why have a tournament at all, maybe we don’t see a championship for a few weeks at this time that wasn’t new and Brock Lesnar wasn’t even back yet. At this time it would have been interesting to not know what was going on with the main event title on the main event show. Regardless Punk came back with the belt and this set up the good old WWE Champion vs WWE Champion match at Summerslam between John Cena and CM Punk. We’ve seen it before to me at the time and looking back at it now, is very, very lazy booking and it could have been done way better.

So at Summerslam, CM Punk gets the better of John Cena again, and just when we think the show is over, Kevin Nash of all people shows up and gives CM Punk a jack knife powerbomb. This resulting in the then RAW Money in the Bank winner Alberto Del Rio to cash in and win the championship from Punk. Making all of this stuff with Punk and Cena completely pointless because from here Punk should have been the guy carrying the show with the championship. Instead he is put into this story with Triple H and Kevin Nash that ended up being a feud for those two that not a single person cared about. Following Summerslam Punk accused Triple H and Kevin Nash of working together to keep him out of the title picture, which in a way isn’t untrue from a behind the scenes stand point. Nash claimed Triple H called him to take care of Punk and Triple H claimed he had no idea what Nash was talking about. So Punk and Nash insisted on facing each other at Night of Champions, a match that never took place because behind the scenes Nash couldn’t be cleared at the time for the match, So Punk faced Triple H instead, a match that Triple H would win thanks to interference by Nash, Miz, and R-Truth.

The Following month Punk would find himself back in the title picture which he never should have been taken out of in the first place. In a triple threat match with John Cena who was champion once again, and Alberto Del Rio, which Del Rio would win, and R-Truth and Miz who had been fired by Triple H were under the ring, attacking everyone in the ring. All of this would result in a roster walk out, and the only people who stayed were Cena, Sheamus, and CM Punk (which made zero sense, considering the pipebomb promo and everything), Vince would return and say the Board of Directors have given him control again and the entire roster would return, and Miz and R-Truth would be re-hired after Triple H had fired them. All of this, was just so overbooked, it didn’t work at all. So after all of this CM Punk would now team with Triple H, let’s not forget the person he criticized four months before this, against R-Truth and The Miz, which they lost thanks to interference by none other then Kevin Nash.

Following this CM Punk would once again face Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series this time winning and having he best WWE Title Reign of this decade alone, of 434 days, but everything that happened in between that stellar Money in the Bank feud and win against John Cena, to this Survivor Series win, can been seen as pointless, stupid, overbooked, and definitely not a good way to build the so called Summer of Punk. WWE almost ruined everything on there own here, and only took three months to figure out what they really needed to do with CM Punk, give him the belt and run with it. Make sure to keep an eye out for the continuation of this series in the weeks to come.

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The Dark Age Of The Royal Rumble [2011-2017]

Winning the Royal Rumble is as big an accomplishment as anything.

John Cena

In the year 1988, wrestling fans were about to witness one of the most important concepts ever seen in WWE history. The Royal Rumble was a match created by Pat Patterson where 30 participants compete for the chance to win the rumble & main event WrestleMania. Over the years, we have seen countless wrestlers win the Royal Rumble. Names such as Jim Duggan, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, Batista, John Cena, The Undertaker and many more have made their names synonymous with the legacy of the Royal Rumble.

However, there was a period of time where the wrestling fans were not happy with the winners of the Royal Rumble. Now there have been winners in the past that fans didn’t like, for example Yokozuna winning the 1993 Royal Rumble or even Mr. McMahon winning the 1999 Royal Rumble. Neither of these two winners were well-received by the audience. That being said, those winners were nearly several years apart from each other. In other words, fans understand they will not like every Royal Rumble winner each year. But they at least expect the winner of the Royal Rumble to make sense.

But in the previous decade, a majority of the Royal Rumble winners were met with mixed to mostly negative reactions from the fans. In this editorial, we will be looking at the Royal Rumble winners from the years of 2011 to 2017.

Royal Rumble 2011

In 2011, the Royal Rumble was the first and only Royal Rumble where there were 40 participants instead of the traditional 30. Alberto Del Rio won the 2011 Royal Rumble at #38 by eliminating Santino Marella. Needless to say, the crowd was mild to him winning the event. Many fans were expecting someone like CM Punk or John Morrison to win, as opposed to Del Rio. What makes this even weirder is that it was down to either Del Rio or Santino winning the Royal Rumble. Based on the very mild reaction to Del Rio winning the match, the crowd in Massachusetts might have prefer Santino winning the Royal Rumble instead of Del Rio.

Many weeks later, Del Rio challenged Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII. Their match was the opener for the show(which is a whole other problem to talk about), and Edge defeated Del Rio to remain the World Heavyweight Champion. The match itself was not bad, but it should not have been the first match beginning WrestleMania XXVII. Unfortunately, it only gets worse from here.

Royal Rumble 2012

In the beginning of 2012, the wrestling world had one name on their lips and that name was Chris Jericho. There were cryptic vignettes saying that on the second day of 2012 it will be the end of the world, as you know it. Jericho always had an end of the world type of vignettes related to him, from his Y2J debut(a play on Y2K) to his Second Coming(based on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in Revelation). This time, it was centered around the Nostradamus 2012 scare. Fans were predicting Chris Jericho to win the 2012 Royal Rumble. However, it was Sheamus that ended up winning. To say that the crowd was disappointed would be a understatement.

Sheamus challenged Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII and defeated him in 18 seconds. This was the second year in a row where the World Heavyweight Championship match opened WrestleMania. Fans began to questioned why didn’t Chris Jericho won the Royal Rumble. According to multiple sources, Jericho was picked to win the Royal Rumble match. But Triple H decided to go with Sheamus because it would have been too predictable for Jericho to win. If these sources are true, then it is ironic considering what happened a year later.

Royal Rumble 2013

Remember when the WWE thought that Jericho winning the Royal Rumble would be too predictable? Well apparently it doesn’t matter in the case of the Royal Rumble in 2013. John Cena eliminated Ryback and won the 2013 Royal Rumble, thus becoming a 2 time Royal Rumble winner. Unlike his first Royal Rumble victory in 2008 where no one expected him to win, everyone in the audience knew that he was going to win. Later that night, The Rock defeated CM Punk to win the WWE Championship for the first time since 2002. It was obvious that WWE was going to do John Cena vs. The Rock again at WrestleMania 29. So much for Once In A Lifetime, am I right?

John Cena defeated The Rock at WrestleMania 29 to become the new WWE Champion. This was a mediocre match. It would have much better if Cena turned heel on The Rock. Could you imagine how the crowd in New Jersey would respond to a heel John Cena if he cut a scathing promo on the fans who booed him? It might have saved that entire main event from being so stale. Unfortunately, we may never know what a great villain John Cena could have become in his later years.

Royal Rumble 2014

2014 was a year that began with the return of Batista. He left WWE in 2010 and went into the acting world of Hollywood. During his 4 year absence, some fans were hopeful that he would come back to the WWE. He made his return to the WWE on Monday Night Raw, a week before the Royal Rumble. He was supposed to be viewed as the returning hero against the villainous Randy Orton, the Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion. There was only one problem? A wrestler by the name of Daniel Bryan was on fire with the audience and started a movement called The YES Movement. It captured the world by storm and nothing was going to stop it.

At the 2014 Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan lost to Bray Wyatt in a fantastic match. The fans in Pittsburgh were already expecting to see Bryan participate in the Royal Rumble. Throughout the Royal Rumble match, fans became restless as each wrestler who was entering the match wasn’t Daniel Bryan. Batista entered the Royal Rumble at #28 and received a mixed reaction from the fans. As the countdown to #30 was getting closer, fans began to chant YES in hopes that it was Bryan. But when Rey Mysterio(who is a face) was revealed as the final entrant, the fans booed Mysterio and cheered when he was eliminated. When it came down to Batista and Roman Reigns(who was a heel at the time), fans cheered for Reigns over Batista. After Batista eliminated Reigns to win the Royal Rumble, the crowd booed Batista as the event drew to a close.

Fans went to social media to voice their displeasure over the outcome of the Royal Rumble. The overwhelmingly negative response was so great that even mainstream news outlets reported on the event. After the show went off the air, Batista mocked the Pittsburgh audience by doing the YES chants with his middle fingers. The fans hatred towards Batista continued in the following weeks. Eventually, Batista turned heel as a result of fans booing him. At WrestleMania XXX, Daniel Bryan(who was added to the main event by defeating HHH earlier that night) defeated both Batista and Randy Orton to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Royal Rumble 2015

One year later, WWE would not only do the same thing at the Royal Rumble, but in the same state of Pennsylvania. In 2015, Royal Rumble was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Unlike the previous show, Daniel Bryan was a participant in the Royal Rumble. When he came out at #10 the Philly crowd popped hard for him. Everything seems to be going fine, until Bryan was eliminated by Bray Wyatt. He was only in the match for ten minutes. Fans in Philadelphia began to sour on the rest of the Royal Rumble participants after Bryan’s elimination. Later that evening, Roman Reigns entered at #19 and the crowd booed him. By this point, fans already knew that Roman Reigns was going to win the Royal Rumble.

After Big Show and Corporate Kane were eliminated by Roman Reigns, they came back into the ring to ambushed him. Suddenly, The Rock stormed into the ring to helped his cousin fight against them. As The Rock left the ring, Rusev revealed that he was never eliminated. The fans started to cheer for Rusev(who was a Russian heel) over Reigns. Eventually, Reigns eliminated Rusev to win the Royal Rumble. Despite the endorsement from The Rock, fans in Philadelphia heavily booed Roman Reigns out of the building. Fans took to social media to display their displeasure just like they did a year earlier.

According to multiple journalists, the very negative reaction towards the 2015 Royal Rumble was considered to be even worse than the 2014 Royal Rumble. Chants of “CM Punk” & “bullcrap” were heard after the match. There was even a “We Want Refunds” chant from the Philly crowd. WWE Legend Mick Foley mention that both 2014 & 2015 Royal Rumbles were disappointing because the WWE ignored their audience. He was saddened by the fact that the Royal Rumble was losing its luster and relevance as an annual event. Roman Reigns would go on to defeat Daniel Bryan the following month at Fastlane and challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31. Seth Rollins cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase during the match, thus making it a Triple Threat match. Rollins ended up defeating Reigns and Lesnar to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Royal Rumble 2016

In 2016, the WWE did something different for the Royal Rumble. Instead of the winner getting a title opportunity in the main event of WrestleMania, the winner of the Royal Rumble would become WWE Champion. Roman Reigns was the WWE Champion at the time and was in a heated feud with The Authority. Due to Roman Reigns turning down the help of the McMahon family, Mr. McMahon decided that Reigns would defend his WWE Championship at #1 in the Royal Rumble match. This was obviously meant to pay homage to the 1992 Royal Rumble, where the winner would become WWE Champion. The only difference between the two are while the 1992 Royal Rumble was for the vacant WWE Championship, the WWE Champion was defending his title at Royal Rumble 2016. And unlike the one in 1992, this Royal Rumble was far from the greatest. As a matter of fact, it was dreadful.

During the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns was pulled out of the ring by the League of Nations(which was Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and Sheamus). They ambushed him outside of the ring by order of Mr. McMahon. Sheamus and Del Rio put Reigns on one of the broadcast tables and Rusev hit a Running Splash on him through the table. Reigns would then be taken backstage as the Royal Rumble continued. After Sheamus entered at #29 later that night, Roman Reigns attacked him with a Superman Punch and returned to the match. Triple H entered at #30 and eliminated Roman Reigns, therefore guaranteeing a new WWE champion. It was between Triple H and Dean Ambrose as to who would become champion. When Ambrose tried to eliminate him, Triple H kicked Ambrose and pulled him over the top rope to win the match and become the new WWE Champion. He then celebrated with his wife Stephanie McMahon and Mr. McMahon.

Even though the 2016 Royal Rumble saw the WWE debut of AJ Styles as well as the brilliant Last Man Standing match between Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship, the rest of the show was rubbish. Many fans who liked this Royal Rumble did so because of their nostalgia for the Royal Rumble of 1992. What makes this even worse is that Royal Rumble 2016 gave us WrestleMania 32. The Road to WrestleMania 32 was nothing short of horrible. It was an awful build up to a terrible WrestleMania main event. WWE Legend Bret Hart said that Royal Rumble 2016 was one of the least exciting in history and probably the worst Royal Rumble he has ever seen. I’m in agreement with The Hitman on this.

Royal Rumble 2017

In 2017, the WWE return to the Alamodome for the Royal Rumble. The last time WWE was in the Alamodome was 20 years ago for the 1997 Royal Rumble. Despite the fact that we got a magnificent match between John Cena and AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, this was not a good show. My friend and his fiance were at this pay-per-view and traveled over 700 miles to San Antonio, Texas. They bought tickets to both NXT Takeover San Antonio and the Royal Rumble. He told me that they had fun at both shows, but preferred NXT Takeover than the Royal Rumble. He also said that Royal Rumble 2017 was in one word: Underwhelming.

The Royal Rumble had a couple of legends such as Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker. Lesnar entered at #26 and eliminated some of the wrestlers. Goldberg entered at #28 and eliminated Lesnar. The Undertaker was #29 and he had a face off with Goldberg before eliminating him. Once the countdown to the #30 entrant began, many fans were speculating who it was going to be. Superstars like Sting, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe were some of the names that fans were expecting to see. However, they were upset when it was revealed to be none other than Roman Reigns. As he was making his way to the ring, the crowd in San Antonio booed him with anger and frustration. It goes without saying that they were furious with Roman Reigns. After he eliminated both Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt, Reigns was attempting to hit Orton with a Spear. But Randy Orton countered it with an RKO and eliminated Roman Reigns to win the 2017 Royal Rumble.

Although fans were happy that Roman Reigns didn’t win the Royal Rumble, they were confused by Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble. He is the 7th man to win the Royal Rumble twice. The others were Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Batista and John Cena. Randy Orton would go on to face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33. Bray Wyatt won the title by defeating John Cena, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, The Miz and Baron Corbin in the Elimination Chamber. Their match at WrestleMania was lackluster and disappointing. Orton defeated Wyatt to become the WWE Champion.

In Closing…

As of this article, the WWE is looking to put future Royal Rumbles in baseball stadiums. They began last year at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona for the 2019 Royal Rumble. This year, Royal Rumble 2020 will be held at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. Some sources indicate that the reason why WWE is going to baseball stadiums is because they are unoccupied during the month of January. Also, as we’ve seen with last year’s Royal Rumble, it gives a unique look to the event. The only question left to ask is, Will the Royal Rumble be great this year? Or will it be terrible? Either way, let’s hope that we will not see another Royal Rumble Dark Age anytime soon.

I want to thank you all for reading my article on the Royal Rumble. Hope all of you have a great day. Peace!

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